Code of Conduct

We are a committed and proactive Volunteer Group, who give our time and energy freely and willingly to support and grow a better place for us all to live in.

We welcome like-minded people and welcome new members.

We do not accept bullying in any form. We do not accept gossip, intimidation, threats, anonymous accusations, violence, aggression or inappropriate language either directly or indirectly as acceptable ways of behaving.  

We reserve the right as a group to not engage with those who seek to promote dissension, bully or attempt to intimidate or canvass residents of our Community.

To this end we set out our Community Code of Conduct. These are the values with which we promote membership and Community engagement: 

• Be kind

• Be welcoming

• Be considerate

• Be respectful

• Be careful with the words that you choose

• Be understanding. 

If you want to make positive changes and have something to say about your village hall, get involved and join us. |